Posted: 26th November 2014

Retired teacher and trans woman Diane Sparkes doesn’t believe we should be reclaiming words like queer and faggot. She says for some, the pain of those words are not easily forgotten.

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 Roy and Chargn's double act
Posted: 25th November 2014
Auckland couple Roy Ward and Chargn Keenan are a busy pair: they're both working on Victor Rodger play At The Wake and have also opened a new bookstore in K’ Rd’s St Kevin's Arcade.

 Review: GALS' A Night Out
Posted: 25th November 2014
GALS changed concert format generally missed the mark but there were some standout performances and moments of musical excellence.

 25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Clint Woolly
Posted: 24th November 2014
Former Rainbow Youth board member Clint Woolly’s video for Rainbow Youth’s 25th birthday was so gorgeous we just had to share it.

 Short film Sunday: Natives
Posted: 23rd November 2014
What better way to relax on a Sunday than watching a gem of an lgbt film? We're starting a new Sunday short film series with Natives.

The Johnnys: Folsom Prison Blues
A safer place to call home
Auckland Pride's co-chairs respond
25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Mathijs Lucassen

Guy convinces grandma Frozen's real
Posted: 25th November 2014
YouTube prankster Kevin Droniak hilariously tells his loveable grandma that his high school life is straight out of the script of Frozen.

Princess to Queen: Phawn D'Nelle
Joanna Lumley's Wentworth spoof

I'm not trans but I suffer similar experience as they do 22 Nov 14, 10:40:am
[Post removed by Moderator] 11 Nov 14, 11:33:pm
Would be good if Grant Robertson was Labour's leader as a sign of acceptance 03 Nov 14, 07:25:am
Five years on, the scars remain 01 Nov 14, 10:54:am
Just curious - Anyone here under 35yo are in Dunedin? 28 Oct 14, 06:00:pm
Friendship 24 Oct 14, 09:24:pm
Co-parenting 22 Oct 14, 03:30:pm
Co-parenting 22 Oct 14, 03:28:pm

Big Splash at GABA’s charity auction
Posted: 10th November 2014
Auckland’s GABA Charity Auction went off with a bang, raising around $30,000 for the community. A wide range of items went under the hammer.

Five years on, the scars remain
Rugby, Beer, Rock ‘n’ Roll – Robertson launches leadership bid

25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Clint Woolly
Auckland Pride's co-chairs respond

Kiwi men are raffling their 'meatpacks'
Posted: 15th November 2014
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has come up with a light-hearted twist on the traditional meatpack raffle to raise money, and awareness about HIV and sexual health, in the lead-up to World AIDS Day.

LYC revving gay and bi men to 'Gear Up'
Watch: More than HIV

P&R: Send Them Victorious?
Posted: 18th November 2014
It's decision time for the Labour leadership contenders, given that the outcome of the current leadership contest will be announced today. What should we make of this?

United States: It Ain't Necessarily So
Terrorism, Scepticism and Current Events
Glasses Half Empty? The Christian Right and the 2014 Election

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