Posted: 23rd July 2014

Several MPs are saying goodbye to Parliament before the election. Some, we won’t miss. Others were solid. And then there are those who will reserve a special place in our history.

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 Trailer: The Imitation Game
Posted: 23rd July 2014
Benedict Cumberbatch stars as genius gay code-breaker Alan Turing in the upcoming film The Imitation Game.

 Looking back at a classic: Annie on My Mind
Posted: 22nd July 2014
In the wake of the death of Nancy Garden, we look back at her classic novel Annie on My Mind, a deliciously-worded tale of young lesbian love.

 The legacy of Corporal Dougie Hughes
Posted: 20th July 2014
Despite being muzzled by a Coroner's order the New Zealand Defence Force indicates it has learned some lessons from the tragic death of a gay soldier.

 AIDS 2014: Listening, learning and advising
Posted: 19th July 2014
The NZ AIDS Foundation has assembled its biggest-ever presence at a World AIDS Conference, to listen, learn and present its own expertise to the world.

In case you missed it: Film Fest guide
One of Those: gay NZ history on stage
The wrong side of history (credibility, and science): A rebuttal of UFI's transphobic diatribe
Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Watch: Michael Sam honoured for courage
Posted: 18th July 2014
Need a boost? Watch the moving speech the first openly-gay player to be drafted by the NFL gave when he was given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs.

Watch: Paquin talks True Blood, bisexuality
Ian Thorpe and the Truthmonster

Akl Pride Festival Trust readying for 2014 23 Jul 14, 08:34:pm
Very confused 19 Jul 14, 09:49:pm
Applications open for trans scholarships 17 Jul 14, 01:17:pm
Gender ID info: Stats NZ seeks feedback 15 Jul 14, 11:53:am
Sponsors urged to take stand for diversity 14 Jul 14, 04:42:pm
McVicar repeats "absurd" crime claim 14 Jul 14, 03:49:pm
Out Takes audience faves announced 14 Jul 14, 03:49:pm
NZAF warns against HIV home testing 14 Jul 14, 03:48:pm

The wrong side of history (credibility, and science): A rebuttal of UFI's transphobic diatribe
Posted: 17th July 2014
Moan. Once again, Bob McCoskrie of Family First seems to be pathetically unaware that one needs firm evidence based propositions to defeat progressive social policy proposals.

The End of SOP 432
Backgrounder: ISIS and LGBT Iraqis

Kelly Ellis: We're not fools. We know hate when we see it
Posted: 18th July 2014
Effectively we’re being told that we’re in the tent, but it would be too controversial to give us the stamp on the hand that would legitimise our entry. Without proper identification as humans in the tent, we have to argue with the bouncers.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
Gender Identity: Rainbow Wellington's submission

AIDS 2014: Views differ on drugs/condoms
Posted: 23rd July 2014
Opinions amongst New Zealand delegates remain somewhat similar and yet also divided after today's AIDS 2014 conference presentations on whether using medical intervention should be used as a significant tool to halt the spread of HIV amongst gay and bisexual men.

AIDS 2014: NZ sets condom use example
AIDS 2014: Listening, learning and advising

Two-Way/Wrong Way?
Comment: Education policy and lgbt concerns
Pasifika, Political, and Proud

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