Posted: 4th July 2015

In the final part of our chat with Auckland Pride, we look back at this year’s Festival, including the No Pride in Prisons protest and the Proud party, then look ahead to next year.

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 Auckland Pride responds: part two
Posted: 3rd July 2015
We discuss resourcing, staff and volunteers, plus the contentious issue of corporate cash with Linda Heavey and Paul Patton from Auckland Pride Festival. (Updated 8pm)

 Auckland Pride responds: part one
Posted: 2nd July 2015
We sat down with Auckland Pride Festival Executive Officer Linda Heavey and Board member Paul Patton for a forthright discussion on some of the claims and concerns about the event, and why it seems like they haven’t been engaging with the wider community.

 Watch: The 30 Project episode 1
Posted: 1st July 2015
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has released the first episode of the 30 Project as it prepares for its 30th anniversary celebration at Auckland Museum tonight.

 Comment: So many facts, so much information!
Posted: 1st July 2015
We must ask ourselves why Family First take it upon themselves to challenge the existence of transgender people, a people who want nothing more than to be who they are, writes Diane Sparkes.

Comment: Suffer Not the Children
Watch: Tabby Besley on Sunday
The Johnnys: A brilliant bolt from the blue
Auckland Pride: your feedback

Watch: marriage equality comes to the US
Posted: 27th June 2015
A neat video snapshot of the historic decision from the US Supreme Court in favour of marriage equality.

Is it offensive when straight girls say they'll 'go gay'?
Watch: Me, Myself and I

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Rainbow Ireland: A brief guide to the marriage referendum
Posted: 19th May 2015
rish voters are set to back the introduction of gay marriage by a margin of as much as two-to-one next week and become the first country to approve the policy in a national plebiscite, a series of polls indicate.

Review: Stutterpop (Sam Brooks)
Review: A Life of Unlearning

Auckland Pride responds: part two
Auckland Pride responds: part one

NZ's HIV prevention debate: a West Australian view
Posted: 11th June 2015
The West Australian AIDS Council gives its own critique of Michael Stevens' criticism the NZ AIDS Foundation's on-going safe sex promotion message.

Watch: Me, Myself and I
NZ's HIV prevention debate: a West Australian view

Family First goes on anti-trans witch hunt
Posted: 30th June 2015
A leading NZ transgender advocate is dismissing a report purporting to offer expertise on gender identity, which anti-lgbti group Family First has commissioned to “warn parents and schools”.

Comment: Suffer Not the Children
Colingate: Scandal's End?
Comment: VMEUSA Day

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